What are the types of electronic signatures you support?

emSigner as a workflow platform support digital certificates from any certifying authority around the world. Out of the box, it comes with support for eSignatures based on Click or Type to Sign, Crypto-token enabled digital certificates issued by Certifying Authorities, Remote Signing and other forms of certificates listed below,

  • Digital Certificates issued in Crypto-token: A number of Certifying Authorities issue digital certificates in FIPS 140-2 Level 2+ certified devices or Crypto tokens in line with Adobe Technical Requirements for secure storage of end user keys. emSigner supports the use of digital certificates issued in crypto token through the use of a client side utility that gets invoked at the time of signing to select the certificate from the token.
  • Qualified Signatures (eIDAS compliant): emSigner supports the use of Qualified Signatures that are eIDAS compliant and issued by any Trust Service Provider that is accredited under relevant local regulation in EU.
  • Remote Signing: emSigner supports remote signing of documents where cryptographic keys are generated in an HSM on the server. This methodology of signing is used in India, Europe and Malaysia. Out of the box, emSigner supports eSign remote signing in India.
  • Smart Card based Signing: Through the use of Smart Card readers, emSigner can support ability to sign documents from Smart Card based IDs which support signing of data using keys stored on the smart cards.
  • Topaz Pad based Signing: emSigner supports the use of electronic signature pads (using stylus) to capture signature images. These signature images are then augmented with identity/authentication data of the customer to generate server side signatures that are used to secure the document.
  • eSignatures : Last but not the least, emSigner also support the use of simple electronic signatures that are based on Click or Type to Sign where the user can select from a variety of fonts and styles to sign the document.
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