Tried uploading the document, but its not loading to the next step

First, you will have to check whether the uploaded document:

  1. Allows Digital Signatures,
  2. Is Password Protected and,
  3. Is an Editable PDF

To check whether PDF allows Digital Signatures:

  1. Open the PDF

2. Click on File, which you will find on the top left of the PDF, you will get a dropdown wherein you will need to select properties

3. In the window that opens up, you will need to click on the security tab, where you can check if security is allowed or not

If the PDF is still not uploading in the application, you can once again try to save as PDF, otherwise, click the ‘save as option’ and select any one from the dropdown, Print to PDF, Do PDF, Cute PDF Writer, Adobe PDF.

Save the document using any of the above options and try to upload it again.

Note: If the PDF has more than 10 pages it will take sometime to upload, hence please be patient.

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