The 2021 Cloud release is now LIVE: See What’s New From emSigner v2.8.3.1

The first release of the year is finally here! We are happy to announce that the “2021 Cloud release” is now LIVE and you can take full advantage of the latest features and its functionalities. This set of new features brings innovation and intelligence together to support all kinds of Signature workflow needs.

Let us show you the highlights of this new 2021 Cloud release in this blog.

of the new features in emSigner

eSignatures through emSigner is the easiest and the fastest way to upload, sign and send documents from anywhere, anytime. We at emSigner constantly focus on adding value to you and your business at all times and in the process we believe in continuous service improvement.

Let’s walk you through the highlights now,

1. Envelope Pricing for all plans starting at USD $1

Sending an envelope is very easy in emSigner, you just have to add documents, select recipients, fill in the fields and then send. Envelopes are generally packages in which the documents are sent in for signing to multiple recipients.

You can send as many documents and recipients/signers you want and it would still count only once against your emSigner envelope plan allowance to be sent. Now, emSigner provides envelope pricing starting at just $1 USD.

2. Flexiforms in Upload and Sign flow

Flexiforms are now made easily available to create in upload and sign flow. Unlike the usual way of creating a flexiform in a workflow you can now use it online signing seamlessly with our upload and sign option on the go. This feature is simplified in such a way that it allows users to directly create fillable forms and not go through a process of creating a workflow and then upload and sign

3. Teams Integration

Collaborate and work with your team so you can work together and  power your business. It is now easier than ever to initiate signing activities. emSigner is now integrated on Microsoft Teams. All you have to do is, use emSigner as an addon to your Teams account in just one click. Anyone can use emSigner from Teams directly and you do not have to install emSigner to your device. Login ~ upload doc & sign ~ dashboard functionality, all of these three can be now accessed from teams

4. Single Page Experience for Document, Signer and Placeholder selection

Flexibility is something that everyone will need to implement to work seamlessly. In-order to provide you this experience, we have tweaked the document upload and signer selection feature to be simple, yet an effective system that delivers the same results you look forward to. In order to support this, we provide you a single screen experience to manage, add documents & signatories and placement selection.

5. Dynamic Signatories

So what if you had forgotten to add a signatory in a workflow, with our new feature set you can now add more dynamic signatories on the fly during the workflow itself. This does not only make your work easy, but now any signatory can add more signatories on the fly for the purpose of review or signature .

6. Support for SAP ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA

emSigner is S/4HANA ready. Enjoy the benefits from emSigner’s integration with SAP ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA. It is now in your hands to know how best you can leverage the new capabilities to bring about the change. We are proud to provide support for SAP ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA cloud to help simplify your integrations with the #1 ERP software in the world. To understand how emSigner works with SAP, visit SAP App Center at

7. Support for signing with keys stored in HSM

emSigner’s on-premise versions are now integrated with the ability to sign with individual keys stored in HSM. This allows users of the system to run their own key management on popular HSM’s such as Utimaco or Thales and use the keys for signing on emSigner providing more flexibility and security to your organizational signing needs.

8. LTV signatures

emSigner is now LTV enabled. LTV Signatures come with an embedded timestamp & certificate status information and allow validity of the signatures and the signed documents to be determined even at a later period, even if it has been revoked/expired or even if it no longer exists.

9. Customer Portal for On-premise implementations

For our on-premise customers such as Banks and Insurance companies, emSigner now comes with a customer portal that can be provided to your customers to upload, fill forms, sign them and submit anytime, anywhere. This powerful feature allows you to move your form center completely online and eliminates huge paperwork flowing from customers to you.

Transform your customer experience using these unique features that gives customers complete control while interacting with you using eSignatures.

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