Preventing Recruitment Forgery using Digital Signatures

Forgery in recruitment has been prevailing for quite some time now.

How can employers address this flaw? The increasing number of incidents of candidates producing fake documents, signal the need for a thorough scrutiny. As it is seen in many cases, taking a candidate’s claims on face value can prove costly to an organization. At the same time recruitment forgery works the other way too; Job seekers often receive fake job offers via email. While some are easy to spot, others may not be.

Secure Digital Diplomas – emSigner

Every year 40,000 to 45,000 students graduate and earn their PhD degrees in the US. However, the number of fake PhD degrees that are churned out by diploma mills during the same period exceeds 50,000. What this shows is that one in every two person claiming to have a PhD degree in the US has a fake degree.

Transcript Signing for Universities Using emSigner

Did you know that the average number of students enrolling undergraduate programs in top 1000 ranked institutions around the globe last year was 6,316? This number jumps up to 45000+, when you consider the average among the 10 institutions with the highest undergraduate enrollments. (Source: U.S. News)

Create an End-to-end Paperless Ecosystem in a Simple and Cost-effective Manner Using emSigner

Last year companies across the globe invested approximately $1.3 trillion on taking the digital route. But tragically, recent studies shows that nearly 70% of these endeavors had missed the mark, causing an accumulated loss of over $900 billion. (Source:  Forbes)

In a Digital World, Identity Management is crucial

An indication of our increasing credibility within and outside the Gartner ecosystem comes in the form of our brand name along with the name of our proprietary authentication solution being featured among some of the biggest names in the industry.

Secure Digital Transformation: A Part of Modern IT Strategy

Do you want to incorporate a modern IT strategy that is progressive and in line with the demands of today’s tech savvy customers? “Then make secure digital transformation a part of your business,” says Vijay Kumar, SVP & Head of Technology, eMudhra.

Executive Insights: The Drivers and Pillars of Digital Transformation

Did you know that as per a recent IDC report on ‘State of Digital Business Transformation 2018,’ 89% of industry leaders have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first strategy?

Wondering what is the reason behind this growing emphasis on digitization? Vijay Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, eMudhra, debunks the reasons in an opinion piece titled, “The Drivers and Pillars of Digital Transformation,” published by Siliconindia.

eMudhra: Providing Innovative Solutions Towards Enabling A Digital Society

As a licensed Certifying Authority with presence across multiple countries, eMudhra has positioned itself uniquely to drive digital transformation across the globe. With innovative offerings such emAS, emSigner and emCA, the company is adding wings to the ‘Secure Digital World’ dream

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