Transcript Signing for Universities Using emSigner

Did you know that the average number of students enrolling undergraduate programs in top 1000 ranked institutions around the globe last year was 6,316? This number jumps up to 45000+, when you consider the average among the 10 institutions with the highest undergraduate enrollments. (Source: U.S. News)

Create a Truly Paperless Organization Using emSigner

eMudhra in the Press: Simplifying Digital Certifications

“Secure Digital Diplomas generated using emSigner suite can completely eliminate the menace of fake diplomas and ensure that qualified students reap in the rewards of their hard work,” says Arvind Srinivasan, SVP – Strategic Initiatives and Global Markets, eMudhra, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Minimizing Disruptions, Maximizing Productivity in Auto Dealerships

paperless office solution for auto dealership

Does your auto dealership want to save time on filing, signing and retrieving important documents; save money on expensive commercial real estate, paper, labor, and other associated costs; and better serve the clients by accurately tracking necessary documents? Then emSigner is the solution that is tailor made for your dealership.

Executive Insights: The Drivers and Pillars of Digital Transformation

Did you know that as per a recent IDC report on ‘State of Digital Business Transformation 2018,’ 89% of industry leaders have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first strategy?

Wondering what is the reason behind this growing emphasis on digitization? Vijay Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, eMudhra, debunks the reasons in an opinion piece titled, “The Drivers and Pillars of Digital Transformation,” published by Siliconindia.

eMudhra: Providing Innovative Solutions Towards Enabling A Digital Society

As a licensed Certifying Authority with presence across multiple countries, eMudhra has positioned itself uniquely to drive digital transformation across the globe. With innovative offerings such emAS, emSigner and emCA, the company is adding wings to the ‘Secure Digital World’ dream

PKI Market report: eMudhra ranked among top PKI solution providers

PKI Market report eMudhra ranked among top PKI solution providers

Recognition galore for eMudhra; after getting featured in the latest Gartner and IDC reports as a top service provider under different categories, eMudhra gets extensive coverage as one of the top PKI solution providers across the world in a research report titled, “Public Key Infrastructure Market,” published by the Insight Partners.  

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