emSigner: Reducing the Complications Involved in Laboratory Report Signing

Reduce Patient Onboarding Time by Upto 80% using emSigner

Electronic signature and workflow management solution for healthcare - emSigner

Imagine what’s possible when you reduce the patient onboarding time by more than 80%! Not only will you be deliver better patient experience, but also witness significant monetary savings, which can be better utilized for more critical activities.

Save Cost by using e-Prescriptions Generated using emSigner

Save Cost by using e-Prescriptions Generated using emSigner

Drive Efficiency and Support Quicker Decision Making in Healthcare

It is estimated that medication errors originating from incorrect or irrational use to prescriptions alone account for more than 7000 deaths in the US. As per experts, these numbers are even higher in countries such as India and China, where even a larger population is known to practice incorrect or irrational use to prescriptions.   

As Healthcare providers work round the clock, we are here to help your employees work from home

Paperless Office Solution for Healthcare

emSigner is a paperless office solution that can help your employees handle documentation requirements digitally from the safety of their home, especially if the documents are required to be approved and signed off for further processes such as:

•   Vendor invoices that have to be reviewed, approved and signed off before processing for payments

•   Employee related contracts which are required to be signed and countersigned

•   Stock receipts and issues related documents requiring approvals