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Reduce TAT for Loan Processing and Approval by up to 70% Using emSigner

Online loan application process made easier using emSigner

The loan processing process is synonymous for being cumbersome and paper-intensive. But not anymore!

Using our PKI driven paperless office solution—emSigner—which supports strong automated workflow capabilities, you can seamlessly streamline workflows for loan processing, where the review and approval process will no longer be paper-driven. Rather, digitization of the entire process will reduce the overall TAT for processing and approving loans by up to 70%.

Here are some of the salient features of emSigner:

Simplify Online Account Opening Process Using emSigner

Simplify Online Account Opening Process Using emSigner

Did you know that approximately 90% of new bank customers abandon their bank account applications prior to completing them? As per experts, one of the main reasons for this is antiquated, time-consuming and off-putting experience put forward by paper-based account opening process employed by banks.   

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