Save Up to 80% Cost by Generating e-Invoices using emSigner

e-sign invoice with emSigner

The average cost of preparing, printing and mailing paper-based invoices is a staggering $12.90, as per a recent Concur report. Now for an automotive company producing 1000 invoices a month, this number translates into $154,800 per year. Quite remarkable, isn’t it!
Why pay such a hefty price when you can get the same job done for as less than a dollar — which translates into over 80% savings on cost — by automating the entire process and generating e-invoices using emSigner. Along the way you can also:

Reduce Student Onboarding Time by Upto 80% using emSigner

Paperless office solution for education - emSigner

Imagine what’s possible when you reduce the student onboarding time by more than 80%! Not only will you be better utilize your resources and deliver greater quality of education, but also witness significant monetary savings.

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