Reduce Student Onboarding Time by Upto 80% using emSigner

Paperless office solution for education - emSigner

Imagine what’s possible when you reduce the student onboarding time by more than 80%! Not only will you be better utilize your resources and deliver greater quality of education, but also witness significant monetary savings.

Go Paperless Instantly – emSigner

Going paperless is easy, and yet difficult at the same time. After all, there’s a lot to consider. Are eSignatures covered by local legislation? How do you manage the identity of the signer? Where does the data reside? Are you violating any privacy laws? Is it REALLY going to be easier than signing, scanning, uploading and emailing?

The list of questions is never ending. But the answer is easy. www.emsigner.com

emSigner: Reducing the Complications Involved in Laboratory Report Signing

Save Up to 80% Cost by Generating e-Invoices using emSigner

e-sign invoice with emSigner

The average cost of preparing, printing and mailing paper-based invoices is a staggering $12.90, as per a recent Concur report. Now for an automotive company producing 1000 invoices a month, this number translates into $154,800 per year. Quite remarkable, isn’t it!
Why pay such a hefty price when you can get the same job done for as less than a dollar — which translates into over 80% savings on cost — by automating the entire process and generating e-invoices using emSigner. Along the way you can also:

eMudhra Receives “Software Innovative Solution of the Year Award 2019”

We are delighted to be named as the winner of the “Software Innovative Solution of the Year Award,” for our Solution emSigner at the 4th Indian ISV Awards, 2019, for the second consecutive time. The award puts us in the spotlight for our contributions in providing the most innovative and leading-edge paperless solution to our business customers. The award was received by Manikantan. D, Associate Vice President - Enterprise Sales, eMudhra.

Generate Policy Documents in Bulk Using emSigner

Take the Complexity Out of Online Account Opening Process Using emSigner

Online Account Opening Process Using emSigner

Approximately 90% of new bank customers abandon their bank account applications prior to completing them. One of the main reasons for this is antiquated and off-putting experience put forward by paper-based account opening process employed by banks.

e-Prescriptions and e-Records, using emSigner

Paperless Solution for Healthcare ---- e-Prescriptions and e-Records, using emSigner

It is estimated that medication errors originating from incorrect or irrational use of prescriptions alone account for more than 7000 deaths in the US. As per experts, these numbers are even higher in countries such as India and China, where even a larger population is known to practice irrational use of prescriptions.

Go Paperless using emSigner - Paperless Office Solution

Digital Transformation using emSigner - All in one paperless office solution

emSigner, our flagship signer solution has helped many enterprises, government agencies and institutions of all types go paperless easily over the past few years.

However, we wanted to make 'going paperless' simpler, especially if you prefer that the data reside on your premise. That's why we have introduced the emSigner Appliance.

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