Paperless Banking for Happy Customers! Deploy Online Account Opening Process with emSigner

Paperless Banking Solution- emSigner

Did you know that almost 90% of new bank customers abandon the account opening process due to cumbersome, complicated and unpleasant experience put forward by paper-based account opening processes?  

Now you can make sure your bank doesn’t carry the same baggage and lose out on new customers by digitizing the entire customer on boarding journey using emSigner, eMudhra’s proprietary digital signing and banking workflow management solution. More than 45 banks in India and around the world are using this innovative digital Workflow Platform to not only revamp account opening process but also provide great digital banking experience to their customers.    

What you get with emSigner for Paperless Banking?  

  • emSigner facilitates efficient and intuitive customer on boarding using dynamic online form entry
  • emSigner can help extract data from any offline form or document using OCR functionality on the platform
  • Using API integration, emSigner allows banks to run quick credit history scans for customer profiling and financial risk mitigation to the bank
  • emSigner allows customers to electronically sign and submit account opening application form using built-in KYC document upload facilities
  • The platform integrates with Apache Spark based Machine Learning ecosystem to enable AI based transaction pipelines 

emSigner facilitates seamless banking operations and its application in the banking industry goes much beyond the account opening process for retail banking. It is a unified Digital Workflow platform that helps create customer or bank initiated workflows for all the financial products or services the bank has to offer. emSigner supports all types of qualified Digital Signatures across the globe based on country or region. It helps create a paperless banking experience that’s safe, streamlined Customer-centric and cost effective.

Get in touch with us to know how you can integrate emSigner’s out of the box configurable features relevant to digital banking operations:

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