emSigner: Manage your Distributors with a Digital Signing Solution

Manage your Distributors with a Digital Signing Solution

A global mindset in business stands to benefit the most out of digital transformation initiatives taken to achieve business objectives in both short term and long term. With COVID being the new reality and virtualization being on top of the business agenda, how to ensure you have full control over your engagements in the market? Any product company would want to reach the right consumer base and here comes a distributer to help you achieve just that. Now, how do you digitize the entire engagement model with your distributers? Lets give you one better, how do you control the end-to-end pipeline of agrements, orders, fulfilment and track all of that in real-time?  

Introducing emSigner; The core of of our digital signing solution is designed to offer high-end security and flexibility with multiple signing options, paired with easy integration into any existing application ecosystem. This makes it an ideal solution for creating an end-to-end paperless solution to mange distributers at scale. 

Here are some of the salient features of emSigner:  

  • emSigner helps digitally sign documents in serial, parallel or bulk from anywhere, on any device and helps make the process paperless and efficient
  • Multiple stakeholders can collaborate on a particular document and seamlessly process using electronic signatures and ensure non-repudiation of documents
  • emSigner’s audit trail coupled with support for multiple types of digital signatures enables it to meet or exceed regulatory requirements such as EU eIDAS legislation, US ESign Act, Indian IT Act and many more across the world
  • emSigner supports token based digital signatures and remote signing aswell 

From scope to pricing and payment terms, and rights and obligation to intellectual property and termination, you can automate and digitize all the core aspects of distributer agreements using emSigner.

Know more about emSigner and how it can help digitally transform the distributer ecosystem for your business: www.emsigner.com

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