Manage Sales, Service and Marketing Faster on Salesforce using emSigner

Driving automation through the use of electronic or digital signature has become simpler on Salesforce. Leveraging emSigner, which is integrated with Salesforce, companies can now manage sales, service and marketing processes faster on cloud by digitizing end-to-end movement of documents such as Quotes, Proposals, Agreements, NDAs and contracts, etc., thus ensuring quicker revenue generation, lower costs and provide better customer experience, all the while being compliant with global standards for eSignature. 

Listed below are a few unique value adds of our AI enabled document processing automation solution:

  • Send, sign and store documents or documents templates within Salesforce
  • Getting the documents counter-signed by people from within and outside the organization instantaneously
  • Sophisticated Flexiform feature to provide unparalleled flexibility in document template creation, signature patterns, and more
  • Creating a system of records for all audit and compliance purposes

emSigner powers millions of users and hundreds of large organizations in their Digital Transformation journey. Join the emSigner community, by connecting with us

The product is available for download on Salesforce AppExchange here-

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