Issue e-Diplomas at Scale Using emSigner

Issue e-Diplomas at Scale Using emSigner

Colleges and universities around the world deal with a large number of students admitted across a multitude of disciplines and Diploma is considered to be among the preferred ones. With a sheer volume of administrative actions involved around any course, imagine the amount of time and effort it will take for the Registrar’s office to print, sign and issue diplomas to a large number of students after completing the course of study. Overwhelming isn’t it? 

Why not take this burden off the Registrar’s office and allow administration to concentrate on their core job by using emSigner? It is a Digital Workflow Platform that is powered by PKI technology. emSigner can enable the Registrar’s office to seamlessly generate digital copies of official transcripts, and also authenticate and make them tamper-proof by using digital signatures.  

Here are some highlights of emSigner suite: 

  • emSigner uses API to pull data from university server and feed into a document creation engine to generate e-diplomas at scale  
  • emSigner allows to add authenticity and integrity to e-Diploma certificates by using legally valid Digital Signatures
  • emSigner helps embed a secure QR code in the e-Diplomas certificates, which can be used by anyone to verify the authenticity of e-Diplomas when printed  

The pandemic-driven new reality mandates the entire education industry to evolve and adopt Digital Transformation in their operations. emSigner can make the entire process of issuing e-Diplomas easy and hassle-free by wrapping a digital workflow around all the processes involved in issuing the same.

Learn more about our custom solution for education sector at large and Diploma in particular:

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