How to install emSigner to Tally ERP 9.0 if there is no internet connectivity?

Pre-requisite: To intall emsigner to Tally, you need “.tcp” file. If you have the file, you can manually add “.tcp” file. Following are the steps to add .tcp file. Download .tcp file from here.

Step 1: Click “Configure” button in Tally or simply press F12 from Tally Gateway.  Click “Product and Features” option

Step 2: You can navigate to “Products and Features” option from Tally gateway screen

Step 3: You will find “Manage Local TDL” button on right side of Tally screen. Click the same or simply press F4 from your keyboard

Step 4: You will be displayed with “TDL Configuration” popup. Enter the following details in respective fields

  • Load TDL files on startup : Yes
  • List of TDL files to preload on startup: Enter the .tcp file path and save the same

Step 5: Upon successful installation, you will see emsigner (Login, Logout, How it works options) in Gateway of Tally screen. Also you will see “emSigner Upload” button in document entry and document statistics pages in Tally

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