How to bulk sign documents offline?

Step 1: Login to using Admin user name and Password

Step 2: You can initiate bulk signing process in 3 simple steps as mentioned below,

  • Choose Template
  • Browse Documents
  • Sign

Step 3: On left hand side of the panel, you will find “Bulk Signing” option. Click the same

Choose Template:

Step 4: You will see option to “Choose Template” if you have any or on the fly you can create a new template by clicking “Create Template Now

Procedure to create new template on the fly:

  • On clicking “Create Template Now”, you will be asked to select the document template
  • Upon choosing the same, you can see the preview of the uploaded document
  • On the right side of the panel, you will see “Template Settings”. In this, you need to select the pages where you need signatures and the signatory position
  • Finally enter the template name and click “Save” to create the template on the fly

        Step 5: Once you choose the template, you will be taken to next step.

Browse Documents:

Step 6:  In this step, you need to select the “Source” folder (folder where the documents that need to be signed in bulk) by clicking “Select Folder” button

Step 7: You also need to select the “Destination” folder (folder where the signed documents that need stored) by clicking “Select Folder” button

Step 8: You will be taken to next step by clicking “Continue” button


Step 9:  You will find various fields where you can enter the reason, browse and upload handwritten images, password protect the documents and add watermarks to all documents.  

Step 10: Once the above details are entered, click “Sign” button for the system to start process of signing the documents in bulk.

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