How to adopt company stamp to the document along with the signature?

Step 1: Login to using user name and Password

Step 2: You can initiate signing process in 3 simple steps (with or without workflow) as mentioned below,

  • Upload Documents
  • Specify Participants
  • Sign & Send

Step 3: Upload Documents: Upload the document and click “Continue” button to move to next step.

Step 4: Specify Participants: In this step, you can specify participants who need to sign the document. Click “Save and continue” button to move to next step

Step 5: Sign & Send: In this step, you will see “Optional Settings” option before you click “Sign” button

Step 6: Click “Optional Setting” accordion. You will see “Company Stamp” option, where you can browse and upload the company stamp image. Select the checkbox, if you want to sign with company stamp

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