How to add dynamic reviewer/signer on the fly during workflow signing?

Note: Signatory granted with “Allow to add exceptional user and define access controls” permission can only add dynamic reviewer/signatory on the fly when document is pending in his dashboard for signing

Step 1: Login to using your user name and password

Step 2: Click on Pending tab from the dashboard

Step 3: You will see a list of records that requires action. Click “Sign Document(s)” option under Actions column in the sign drop down.

Step 4: On the top right corner, you will find a “+ Add signatory” button

Step 5:Click “+ Add signatory” and select the signatories

Note: There is a provision to define the role of the dynamic signatory i.e. Signer or Reviewer. If Signer, then drag and drop the signatory on the page. If Reviewer, then there won’t be any signature placeholder.

Note: In the current context, dynamic signatory will be added to the workflow as “After Me” i.e. after the completion of signing by Parent user who added the user as a dynamic signatory

Step 6: Post dynamic signatory selection, the user can proceed with signing by choosing any one of the signing options enabled

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