How does signer gateway acknowledge the transaction?

  • Status will be returned back to the client for each transaction (Success/ Failure/ Cancel)
  • Unique Transaction number will be generated for each transaction by signer gateway. This transaction will be mapped with unique Reference number sent by the client

Response Parameters

ReturnStatusReturns Success if request is processed successfully otherwise Failure
ErrorMessageIf ReturnStatus is “Failure” it will return an error message. If this is empty then request is a success. Check below error messages.
ReturnvalueIn case of PDFReturns the signed pdf, if signing is completed successfully otherwise FailureIn case of XML/DATAReturns Encrypted Signed data (in base64 format), if signing is completed successfully otherwise Failure
TransactionnumberReturns unique transaction number for each request transaction. Note: To identify each new transaction in the ESGS Database, a unique identifier is created every time. This identifier is known as the Transaction number.
ReferencenumberReturns same reference number which was created by client while raising the request.

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