How do I Upload Documents from Zoho?

You can always store your documents on emSigner using the Doc Store option

Doc Store is an in-built document management system along with workflow engine that makes for a 100% paperless office. It provides a secure document storage facility with an option to categorize and sub-categorize documents on the cloud.

1. Go to

2. Login to emSigner as an admin or user and click on the Doc Store option

3. This will open the Doc Store page. Now click on Upload documents

Simply upload a PDF or other common document format from Zoho


1. Click on the Zoho icon. This will open a login window

2. Login with your credentials

3. Once you login, you will see the list of candidate’s details present in the Zoho account

4. Click on the Attachment icon, This will open all the attachments present for the candidate

5. Click on the Initiate icon in the Actions column.  This will open up a popup window to tag a category

6. Select a workflow activity/category to the document and then click OK

7. This uploads the document to emSigner and you are then taken to the initiate signing page directly

8. Here you can initiate signing by specifying the signers and complete the workflow

Note: You can upload a single document at a time, not exceeding 5 MB in size

As this is a VAS feature, it will be visible only if the admin subscribes to the VAS Feature. This will in turn be visible to the user if the admin provides access in access management.

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