How do I configure custom status and update those statuses in dashboard?

Custom Status allows you to configure additional statuses. Once the document reaches Completed status, the document status can further be changed using custom status settings.

Step 1: Login to  using your Admin User Name and Password

Step 2: On the top right corner, click on your profile image and then click on the ‘Settings‘ menu

Step 3: Click on “Custom Status” option under Admin settings

Step 4: You will find a Status field where you can enter the status you would like to configure. E.g., Ready to Print, Printed, Delivered etc.,

Step 5: You can also select “Trigger Email” checkbox if you want to send an email to the recipients as a notification on status change. You can add multiple recipients by using commas

Step 6:  Once the above statuses are configured, you will see them listed on the list. it can also be edited using the edit icon under the Actions column.

Now, admin or internal user can navigate to Dashboard “Completed” tab, where the Custom Status icon will be displayed. Upon clicking the custom status icon, the user will see a list of statuses configured.

Admin or internal user can select the status from the dropdown and click “Apply”. The changed status will be displayed in “Custom Status” column under the completed tab in the Dashboard.

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