emSigner 2019 Winter Release 1


Release Bulletin for emSigner – 2.6.0

Sticking to its tradition of continuous and ongoing improvements, emSigner has come up with a new set of upgrades this winter. The most notable among this is the emSigner and Tally integration. Thanks to this integration, Tally users can now quickly sign, transfer and check the authenticity as well as integrity of documents generated using Tally platform on the go. Along the way this integration will help organizations meet legal compliance and make electronic contracts such as invoices enforceable, particularly in countries like India where invoices need to be digitally signed as per the Goods and Service Tax Act. Please refer to https://support.emsigner.com/category/tally-integration and https://support.emsigner.com/blog/emsigner-integrates-tally-digitally-signing-invoices for more information about this integration.

Next among the list of upgrades is the addition of OCR (Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader) Search functionality. This unique functionality will help you to quickly search for documents or content within documents using related keywords (click here to explore this innovative offering). Then there is the option to Create and Edit Documents Collaboratively. As the name indicates, this functionality enables you to create documents and collaboratively edit it by assigning one or more reviewers. Click here to get acquainted with this feature.

With the latest release, emSigner has lifted the precondition that restricted you from uploading any other type of documents other than PDF for creating templates or for signing purpose. Using Upload Word and Excel option you can now use MS Word and MS Excel files to setup form templates and select these types of file for signing purpose. However, once the signing is completed, all the documents will be converted into PDF format and made available for downloading. Go through the knowledge base article here for more information.   

The list of upgrades also includes changes to Flexiform with the introduction of Multiline option along with the addition of Generate Authtoken option. The Multiline option specifically designed for document field “Textbox” in Flexiform is very helpful to display large text descriptions. While Generate Authtoken option can be used to generate emSigner Authentication token, which is necessary to integrate with emSigner API and validate the user, whenever necessary or whenever you feel that the secret key is compromised. Click here to explore Generate Authtoken option.       

Finally there is New Pricing Scheme along with a Recharge Option that allows you to recharge the balance of your emSigner account using a prepaid model. Click here to view New Plans and Pricing details, and go through this knowledge base article for more information about Recharge Option.