emSigner 2018 Fall Release 4


Release Bulletin for emSigner – 2.5.0

emSigner has rolled out several exciting features this fall. The biggest being the introduction of Document Merge feature, which allows you to auto populate fields in the Flexiform in bulk using the data stored in a CSV/XLS file. Know more about this innovative feature by going through our knowledge base article here.

Another notable addition is the introduction of Modify Flexiform and Override Flexiform options. Using the former option you can either modify the document fields or the settings in the document fields of the Flexiforms, which are already created; while the latter can be used to completely override the document fields and create a new Flexiform altogether. Explore how to use Modify Flexiform option here and know more about Override Flexiform option by going through this knowledge base.

Finally, there is the Zoom feature, which allows you to zoom-in and zoom-out on the content in the document and view it as per your convenience. Click here to learn more this feature.