emSigner 2017 Fall Release 2


Release Bulletin for emSigner – 2.0.0

Published: Sept 4th 2017

1         New Plans and Pricing:

We have introduced a new set of plans and pricing for the benefit of customers, that the new plans are an improvement and that they better match the needs of customers.

When your requirements exceed your current service plan, emSigner allows the account owners to upgrade their service plan.

emSigner lets you select your choice of currency (i.e. INR, USD) in which you want to make the payment.

Please refer to https://www.emsigner.com/Areas/subscription to view at our new plans and pricing.   


2         Types of signing order:

2.1      Parallel Signing:

Parallel signing order type helps all the recipients receive the document at the same time.

There are instances where the initiator could have all the signers sign the document all at the same time, and receive the final document once everyone has signed it.

All that’s needed is selecting signing order type as Parallel before adding signatories to the workflow at the time of workflow creation.

Create workflow>upload document(s) to the workflow created.


In activate workflow page, select parallel radio button before adding signatories to uploaded documents.

Unlike a serial signing type, in which a document in need of signatures is distributed to a number of people, one after the next, parallel signing type feature-meaning a number of people will receive a document at the same time.

2.2      Serial Signing:

Serial signing order type helps all the recipients receive and sign the document in the order one after another. Once the last signer completes the signing process, then all parties receive an e-mail with the signed PDFs attached.

In general, the second signer will not get access to sign a document until the first signer has signed. Here signers receive and sign the document in the order.

Signer 1 gets notified about the document to sign, and once signer 1 signs the document, emSigner notifies signer 2 about the signature to sign the document. 

All that’s needed is selecting signing type as serial before adding signatories to the workflow while the time of workflow creation.

Create workflow>upload document(s) to the workflow created.

In activate workflow page, select parallel radio button before adding signatories to uploaded documents.

3         Types of Delegation:

3.1      Auto-Delegation:

Auto-delegation and specify that any new requests assigned to a specific user are automatically delegated to a different user.

If the specific user, plan to be out of the office or unavailable to act on workflow documents, you can delegate or reassign your documents to different users.

Now set up an auto delegation to automatically delegate your workflow documents to another user. The assigned delegate will be able to sign documents on your behalf during your absence

Auto-delegation is when an individual is selected to sign all the workflow documents which are been sent for a specified duration.

To set up Auto-Delegation

1.     In the web application> go to user profile drop-down> click Auto-Delegate option.

2.     Click on Create New button; enter the email address and name of the person you want to delegate. Select “From and To” date from the date picker. In the Reason text box field, enter your reason for setting up the auto- delegate.

To remove an existing auto-delegation, click the "Inactive" icon to mark as inactive”. To make any changes click the edit delegate icon.


3.2      Delegation:

emSigner introduces delegation feature, a convenient feature where workflow delegation enables workflow administrators and workflow users to reassign action tasks to other users.

An individual is appointed to send and sign documents on one’s behalf, the ability for a user to grant rights to another user to approve and sign a workflow document on his/her behalf.

A signing request under pending can be delegated only once. Unlike auto-delegation, delegation is when a workflow document(s) is accessed by the approver/signer and selects an individual to sign only that particular workflow document.

Follow these steps to delegate the signing request:

1.     From your dashboard page go to my signatures tab click on view document icon from actions column.

2.     From tracker page click on delegate button.

3.     Enter email address, the name of the delegator. Enter the reason for delegation in space provided. Click on Delegate button.

4         Anytime Validation:

emSigner lets your signed documents get validated once the workflow document is signed.

To validate a report, Go completed tab >Click on View Document icon under actions column > Click more drop down option> Click on Validation Report. Generate validation report pop up displays which show all your documents present in the workflow. For each document, there is Generate and View buttons. Validated report is being generated and can be viewed.


5         My Signatures (Reuse recent signatures):

Drawing your signature, selecting the signature style or uploading your scanned signature image each and every time you sign the workflow documents wouldn’t be very convenient, so we made to save the signature for future use.

The ability for the users to now upload the signature image from my signatures tab, where recently used signing images will be stored.

Once you’ve drawn your signature, selected or uploaded your signature, check My Signature tab which will have top three recently used signature images used by you.


6         Signature Appearance:

Now you can customize the appearance of your signature image along with a digital signature. By using Signature appearance you can choose where you would like to place the signing image along with DSC.

Select the signing image first and then go to signature appearance tab and click on the radio button to apply the settings.


7         Reports:

Reports are used for keeping track of information, which may be used to make decisions. 

Now users can pull up different types of reports using reporting feature like (Aging Report, Aging Pivot Report, workflow Detailed Report & Workflow Completed Detail).

Option to export the reports into excel, word document and pdf format.

7.1      Report scheduler:

Allows a user to create scheduled reports for a single report for multiple users at a time, Users with ‘Schedule Reports’ will create Scheduled Deliveries, or edit existing Scheduled Deliveries at any time. Clicking the ‘Schedule’ icon, Report Designer toolbar opens a pop-up window where the logged in user configures a delivery schedule for this report.


Scheduling of reports helps users to automatically refresh and be delivered to specific users at a specific regular interval.

Scheduled Reports are distributed via email to the recipient based upon the created schedule.

While scheduling the report description can be given that is included in the email with the attached file.

Reports can be scheduled Daily, weekly and monthly depending upon the user requirement.

With comma separated email id’s the same report can be scheduled for multiple users.

The report can be scheduled as per user requirement in different formats like excel, word and pdf.

7.2      My Scheduled report:

All the reports scheduled will display under “My Scheduled report”, where in user can view all scheduled reports.

All the scheduled reports will have the option of enable, disable, edit and delete the schedules.


8         Manage Billing and Subscription Details:

emSigner now lets you view your current subscription plan details.

Click user profile drop-down >select the Go to Admin option.

Subscription details shown into four sections: Active Subscription, Apps Subscribed, Features and History. 

Active subscription page displays the current subscribed plan details.

Apps subscribed displays the app's user has subscribed for.

Feature tab displays feature names and feature value.

History tab displays the history of purchase made by you. The page shows details of all the information that is related to a previously ordered subscription.


9         emSigner Mobile App:

emSigner signature app provides simple and secure automated document signing solution with just a few clicks on your mobile device, that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The solution uses to sign legally binding documents online, without pen, paper or fax. In a way it is faster and more secure than executing paper documents. emSigner mobile app is available in both IOS and Android Operating systems.

emSigner lets you sign documents easily in just minutes. Whether you’re in an office, at home, on-the-go - emSigner works every time. Using emSigner app, signing can be done quickly and easily through smartphone.

emSigner mobile app helps in getting work done faster. The document can be visible directly from your smartphone using our emSigner signature app.

emSigner app Provides snippets on documents signed, documents pending for signature, co-sign pending, document store and memory usage etc. along with real time tracking of the document signature. Using dashboard users can View & Sign, Decline, Delete Attachments, Recall, Share, View, Download, Inactive and Document log.

This is a secure 100% paperless office concept which aims at replacing the manual efforts, time and cost involved in paper based signing and approval process to an automated, efficient, time and cost saving workflow based online document signing solution.



Now you can have direct access to latest resources of emSigner at https://emsigner.com/Areas/Home/Downloads

emSigner for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emudhra.emSigner