Expedite Customer Onboarding by Going Digital and Stay Safe!

Owing to recent business disruptions, organizations are migrating to work-from-home models rapidly. Needless to say, this can cause some concerns around customer onboarding and can hamper customer experience.

f you’re facing any challenges on this front, we’re happy to help your organization. Leveraging our proprietary paperless office suite – emSigner – we can devise a perfect digital customer onboarding solution which supports strong remote operation capabilities that puts the safety of your workforce at the forefront. This includes creation of a seamless digital workflow for filling customer onboarding forms and enabling customers to electronically sign forms using e-Signatures, where the review and approval process is no longer paper-driven. Rather, the digitization of the documents received, allows the approving authority to quickly, and seamlessly process the review and approvals, thus reducing overall TAT to the customer by 70%.

Here are some of the key highlights of our solution:

  • Workflow automation through paperless onboarding forms, standardized electronic signing process
  • Transforming internal approvals and workflows using electronic signatures, thereby reducing TAT in onboarding customers
  • Identity verification and signing systems that allow customer’s KYC to be done remotely over video
  • Strong authentication systems that leverage adaptive authentication

Want to know more about how emSigner can augment your business? Please feel free to connect with us eservices@emudhra.com

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