eMudhra Receives SAFE Identity Certification

eMudhra, a global digital enabler and a premier provider of PKI and Cybersecurity solutions, announced that it has received SAFE Identity certification.

SAFE Identity is a US based industry consortium and certification body operating a Trust Framework for digital identities in healthcare. SAFE Identity certification provides assurance to the healthcare community that the digital identities issued by eMudhra can be trusted across the healthcare ecosystem.

Expressing his views about the certification, Kaushik Srinivasan, Head – Strategy & Global Solutions Delivery, eMudhra says, “We are extremely pleased to earn the SAFE Identity certification. The certification demonstrates the integrity of our digital credentials and strengthens our commitment to facilitate trust and interoperability across healthcare and life sciences ecosystem.”

“Being a part of such a community will be highly valuable from a learning perspective and towards shaping our solutions to offer greater flexibility and security that the healthcare and life science service providers need. We believe that this certification, along with our focus on data privacy and integrity, will pave the way for offering signing solutions that helps achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance,” he concludes.

“Developing a software application that passes all of our interoperability and security test cases is a milestone achievement that any software provider should aspire to achieve,” says Kyle Neuman, managing director of SAFE Identity. “With over 200 test cases, certification is not a trivial exercise, but the end result is assurance that a software product, such as emSigner, competently implements the various standards and best practices that define Public Key Infrastructure and digital signatures. We congratulate eMudhra’s achievement of successfully earning a product certification for emSigner and encourage healthcare organizations to consider third-party lab testing when making procurements in the future.”

About SAFE Identity:

SAFE Identity is an industry consortium and certification body supporting the advancement of digital identity and cryptography in healthcare by enabling trust of digital credentials. The consortium ensures that digital identities issued by a provider can be trusted throughout the entire SAFE Identity community. With an ecosystem of certified, tested and interoperable application solutions for digital signatures, authentication, encryption and identity verification, SAFE Identity facilitates trust and security between different credential issuers and relying parties.

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