Do I have option to bulk populate data (Document Merge) in Flexiform template?

Prerequisite: While creating the workflow, in “Form Field” popup window you would find a “Tag Name” field. Enter the column name that you will be inputting while creating a CSV/XLS file. (Note: Tag Name is used to map fields against uploaded CSV/XLS data for bulk document generation.)

  • E.g., you drag a field called department from the form field. While setting the Tag Name, you entered as “Dept.”.
  • In this case, when you create a CSV/XLS file, the column name should be same as the Tag Name. (i.e. Dept.)

Step 1: Click workflow/activity/ sub-Activity that has the flexiform template defined

Step 2: You will be able to view the uploaded document. On your right, you will see “Specify Participants” and “Bulk Upload (Optional)” accordions

Step 3: Select the Signatory under Specify Participants accordion

Step 4: You can send bulk documents using Bulk Upload accordion. You can browse and upload the CSV/XLS file. Note: As mentioned in pre-requisites, you should have created a CSV/XLS file with bulk data that needs to be populated in the document.

Please follow the rules below while assigning signatories for an Individual and bulk signers:

  • While creating the workflow if the signatory type was selected as ‘Individual’, then the signatory details will be fetched from the CSV/XLS file. So, the columns for the signatories should be defined in the CSV/XLS file.
  • While creating the workflow if the signatory was selected as ‘Bulk’, then the signatory details will be fetched from the right signatory panel i.e. ‘Specify Participants’
  • While creating the workflow, if one signatory was selected as Individual and the other is Bulk or vice versa, then please keep dummy signatories column for bulk signers in CSV/XLS. However, system will eventually fetch the signatories from the right panel itself for the bulk signers.
  • While creating the workflow, if both the signatories were selected as ‘Bulk’, then there is no need to define signatory columns in CSV/XLS file, the signatories details will be fetched from the right panel itself
  • Internal and Adhoc users both can be assigned as ‘Individual signers’ whereas only Internal users can be assigned ‘Bulk’ signers.
  • You can download the sample file by clicking on Download excel icon

Step 5: Once the CSV/XLS file is uploaded, click on ‘Preview Data’ to preview the content of uploaded file. You can also click on ‘Edit’ button to update the data and ‘Delete’ button to remove it.

Step 6: Once the CSV/XLS file is uploaded, you can click “Save and continue” button to proceed further. You will be displayed with a message popup whether to review the document before signing.

Note: You will receive this popup only if the all the signatories type is Bulk. For Bulk-Individual or Individual-Individual combination, the popup will not come.

  • If you say “Yes”, then once the document is generated with the data, you will need to review and sign. You can find the document in the pending dashboard. Once you complete signing, you can find the individual signed documents in “Doc Store”
  • If you say “No” to review, you can sign the document template. In bulk, document will be generated with the signature. You can find the signed document in “Doc Store”

Note: you will receive an e-mail once the document generation is completed in bulk.

For ‘Individual’ signers all the documents will be sent separately for signing. For ‘Bulk’ signers all the documents will be sent in bulk to the signer so he can sign it as a whole.

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