Collaborative editing

Step 1: Login to using Admin user name and Password

Step 2: You can initiate collaborative editing and signing process in 4 simple steps as mentioned below,

  • Create Document and Specify Reviewers
  • Publish Document
  • Specify Participants
  • Sign & Send

Create Document and Specify Reviewers:

Step 3: On left hand side of the panel, you will find “Create Document” option. Click the same

Step 4: You will be navigated to a screen where you can create a document (as per your need, you can follow Step 7 directly or follow steps 4a, 5, 6)

Step 4a:

  • While in the process of creating a document, if you would want to save as it as drafts, click “Save To Draft” button on right side of the panel
  • A new version of document will be created and saved in “Drafts” tab under dashboard
  • To start working on document again, navigate to drafts tab and click “View” icon. You will be displayed with current version of the document
  • Note: System will create document versions as and when you click “Save To Draft” button. On top of the canvas, you will find “Current Version” field, where you can track all versions of the document. On selecting a specific version, you will be displayed with the information saved on that version and you can also start working on the same.

Step 5: Once you are completed with document editing, you can click ‘Mark as Review‘ button and perform a self-review

Step 6: Upon clicking ‘Mark as Review‘ button, a new version of document will be created. You can see the record in “Drafts” tab and click view icon to view the document. In this step you can either send the document for review again (Step 6a) or publish the document (Step 9)

Step 6a: Click “Send for Review Again” button if you want to send the documents for peer review. Upon clicking the same, you will be taken to edit mode so that you can set the reviewer

Step 7: Once you have completed with document editing, on the right side of the panel, you will see “Configure Participants” section. You can specify the user who wants to review the document. Also, you can add more reviewers by clicking + Set Reviewer‘ button. (Note: At-least one reviewer should be reviewing the document before it is published for signatories. You can assign the document to yourself (self-review) or other users (peer review))

Step 8: Once the document reviews are completed, document initiator and reviewers will receive an automated email on review completion. You can navigate to “Drafts” tab and click view icon to view the document to initiate signing

Publish Document:

Step 9: Click ‘Publish‘ button on bottom of the page. Upon clicking you can publish the final document. In this step, document will be converted in PDF format.

Specify Participants:

Step 10:  On the right hand side of the panel, you will see two accordions

  • Select Signing Type
  • Specify Signatures and Positions

Step 11: In “Select Signing Type” accordion, you will see two radio buttons. 1. Serial 2. Parallel. Select the appropriate signing type that suits your requirement

Step 12: In “Specify Signatures and Positions” accordion, you have option to “Choose Template” or “Enter” a new template.

  • If you select “Choose Template” option, you will see the signatories would have already been defined. However, you can still add signatories by clicking the “Add Signatory” button
  • If you want to create a new template, you should create a template by entering the template name and click “Add Signatory” button to add signatories to the template

Step 13: Click “Save and Continue” button to move to next step.

Sign & Send:

Step 14: In this step, you will see the signing options (if you are a signatory). Select signing option and click “Sign” button in the bottom right.


  • You will see additional features like setting password, apply water mark and upload company stamp. These are completely optional.
  • The above mentioned additional features are displayed only when the workflow initiator is also in the signing workflow. If not, only the below listed features (step 15) will be shown

Step 15: In this step, you will see additional option to 1. Attach supporting document(s) 2. Share Documents and send Document logs. These are all optional and it is user’s choice to follow

Step 16: Once you have attached the document(s), click on the “Send” button in the bottom right to push the document(s) for other signatories.

Note: Internal user can also access this functionality if Admin user grants access.

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