What does the Pending Tab in the Dashboard Contain?

emSigner lets you view all your documents which are pending. A Pending document is one that is awaiting approval and signatures.  

Click on Pending to view a list of all the documents that you need to sign and which are yet to be signed by other signatories. 

Then click on the My signatures tab to view the documents which you need to sign. 

Click on the Waiting for others tab to view documents which have at least one recipient who has yet to sign.

To sign a pending document

1. Click on My Signatures tab to view all your pending documents which need your signataure.

2. To open a pending document click on the view document icon from the actions column. (optionally you can also Download, post Comments and Share the document from actions column)

(Alternatively you can also follow the document link in the intimation email that has been sent to you)

Note There could be certain security configurations that could be set by the document owner to open a pending document such as:

Document access via password - In case the document owner has configured a password to access his document, the system will prompt for a password when you open that pending document to sign. Please contact the respective document owner if you don't know the password.

3. Once a "Pending" document is opened, you can sign or decline it.

4. To decline signing, click on the Decline button and enter you remarks i.e. specify the reason for decline 

5. To proceed with signing choose any of the signing options available (You can view the signaure type settings on your profile page)

6. Download the supporting documents (if they are attached) by clicking on View Attachments

7. To download the document along with the attachments (if any) click on Download All

8. Click on View Document to view the document

9. Click on the More drop down to view actions like:

  • Share- Share the document with other parties who are not involved in the workflow
  • Comments- To post comments
  • Consent Document- To download consent document
  • Certificate- To download certificate document

10. To view the document details click on doc log

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