Common Signing Issues

Common signing issues

Clear Browser cache and cookies Initial General Troubleshooting If you are having issues downloading, sending or signing a document you should clear the cache and cookies out of your browser. This can be a quick fix for your issue. If … Read More

How do I Export Digital Signature Certificates from the e-Token?

To export Public Key of Digital Signature Certificates from the e-token, do the following: Open your Internet Browser and go to Tools> Internet Options> Content Tab> Certificates> Personal, select the certificate which you want to export and then click on the export button. … Read More

Tried uploading the document, but its not loading to the next step

First, you will have to check whether the uploaded document: Allows Digital Signatures, Is Password Protected and, Is an Editable PDF To check whether PDF allows Digital Signatures: Open the PDF 2. Click on File, which you will find on the top … Read More

What should I do if the Certificate Picker is not Displaying the Token Certificate?

At the time of signing, if your certificate is not displayed in the emSigner Certificate Picker, even though the certificate exists in a token or dongle, then: You need to download the application for the token, depending upon the operating … Read More

What should I do if the Digital Signatures are not reflecting? If Digital Signature is disabled or the Select Folder is disabled in Offline Signing

If Digital Signature is disabled or Select Folder is disabled in Offline Signing, then follow the below steps: Please check whether emSigner Utility is installed or not. To know what emSigner utility is, click here If emSigner is not installed,check … Read More

What should I do when Digital Signatures Display a Question Mark or “Validity Unknown” or “Signature not Verified!” message in a signed PDF

While opening a PDF file containing a Digital Signature that was created from a self-signed certificate and this is the first time you are signing using the emSigner application or you are using a different system, the Digital Signature may display … Read More

How to validate signed documents through user settings?

Step 1:  Login to  using your Admin User Name and Password Step 2: On top right corner, your profile image will be present.  On clicking the same, “Settings” menu will be displayed Step 3: Click “Settings” menu. You will find … Read More

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