Tally Integration

How to upload documents to emSigner from Tally?

With Tally Upload option any report, statement or data can be published on the internet. Publishing is carried out by uploading the report to an Internet Server that has been configured to accept files in specific protocols. A Site is basically a specific directory space allotted on the server. Protocols are sets of rules and specifications on how data and files are transferred over a network. It covers all aspects of communication between computers including the content, its formatting and error control.

For example: If you want to publish documents to be signed into your emSigner account. Select the document to be uploaded in tally and click on Upload. The first time you upload, fill up the dialogue box with the information required such as Upload To, URL, File Type. Select Yes to confirm upload in the upload window.

First, you need to know the URL to upload into your valid emSigner account.

The steps to upload documents like Vouchers and Invoices from Tally to the emSigner account are as follows:

1. Open the Voucher/Invoice that has to be uploaded

2. Click on Upload or press Alt+O

A screen with configuration options for uploading will appear

3. Select the option Web Page (HTTP/HTTPS) in the Upload to field

4. Enter the URL (Eg: https://app.emsigner.com/tally.aspx?x=[your own unique code]) in the URL field.

    To know your URL go to emSigner >profile. Note that all URLs are unique and will change from account to account 

5. Select Yes in the Secure Server field and press ENTER

6. Select the upload file type as PDF in the Format field and press ENTER

 7. Select page size as A4 in the page size field and press ENTER

 8. Select the page orientation as Landscape in the page orientation field and press ENTER

 9. Keep pressing ENTER till the end, until you see Upload Yes or No

 10. Press ENTER to select Yes

11. This completes your process and you will need to wait till the upload is completed

12. Once the upload is completed, check if the document is present in the emSigner Drafts tab

13. You can now sign the document by clicking the initiate icon in the Actions column

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