How to sign documents using My Signatures feature?

First, log into your emSigner account if you have not already done so.

Step 1 Upload your document.

Choose any workflow from the Dashboard page. For ex: Human Resource > Sample Workflow-On boarding.

From the Documents to upload page click on Choose File button to upload document from your computer. Click on Choose File button and locate the document(s) you want to upload and click open. Click Continue to proceed further.

Step 2 Add signers

From specify signers page, click on Signatory 1 to add signers. Click on the radio button to add the signer to the signatory and click Apply button. Repeat the above for other signatories too. Click on Save and Continue to proceed further.

Step3 sign & send the document

All documents in this workflow will be password protected. If required, please set a password and share the password separately to all receiving parties. By entering password in the spaces provided.

To apply water mark for the uploaded document, enter the water mark in the spaces provided.

To generate the signing image follow below mentioned steps: 

Upload: click Browse button to to upload the scanned signature image.

Select: Click on select tab to choose from the default signature styles shown to you. To change the default name enter new name in the Full Name text box and click on Reset Font Selection to apply changes.

Draw: Click on draw tab to add your free hand signature.

My Signatures: Top three recently used signature images will be stored here. Select any signature image to proceed furthur. Select any of the signature options to sign the documents.

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