How to enable LTV signatures?

Signature with an embedded timestamp and certificate status information is referred to as a Long Term Validity (LTV) signature. Long-term digital signatures are essential if the signed documents need to be verified months or years later.

LTV (Long Term Validity) Settings allows you to configure Time Stamp Authority (TSA) credentials, so that the timestamp is fetched from TSA while signature is placed in the document.

Step 1: Login to  using your Admin User Name and Password

Step 2: On top right corner, your profile image will be present.  On clicking the same, “Settings” menu will be displayed

Step 3: Click “Settings” menu. You will find “LTV Settings” option under Admin settings. Click the same

Step 4: You need to configure the following fields to enable LTV signatures

  • Enable LTV Signatures – select “Enable LTV Signatures” value from the dropdown and tick the checkbox  to enable the same for the account
  • Time Stamping URL  – select “Time Stamping URL” value from the dropdown and enter the Time Stamp Authority (TSA) URL in the text field
  • Time Stamping User Name – select “Time Stamping User Name” value from the dropdown and enter the user name if any provided by TSA
  • Time Stamping Password - select “Time Stamping Password” value from the dropdown and enter the password if any provided by TSA

Step 5: Configured fields will be listed in the list page below. Same can be edited using the edit icon in Actions column. You can also delete the created fields using delete icon.

Once the above configurations are performed by the administrator, while performing electronic signatures by the signatories, signatures will be certified and time stamped by the Time Stamping Authority. This signature can be verified even months or years later.

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