How do I Sign Using Digital Signatures?

Step1: Upload your document(s)

From the Dashboard; click on Initiate Ad-Hoc Signing menu link and select Online.

Click on +Upload Documents button to upload document(s) from your computer locate the document you want to upload and click open.

Step2: SpecifySigners 

Click on +Add Signatory button to add signatories. If you wish to remove the signatory added  just click on cross button the signatory added will be reoved.                                             

Click on Signatory 1 and choose any one signer from the list displayed to you. Also set signature page and signature position for the signer added. Next click on Apply button to save the settings.(Repeat the same if there are more number of signatories) 

Enter the template name in the space provided and click on Save and Continue to proceed further.                                                                                                            

(Optionally) you can set password, apply watermark & also browse your company stamp.

Step 3 Select signature option to sign & send the document

For signing using Digital Signature: If you are signing using USB token then select the option Digital Signature (Token). Select the certificate which you want to use in signing. 

(If the Digital Signature option is greyed out it means the emsigner utility is missing). To download the utility click on Install Now

Steps to Install emsigner utility on the computer.

1. Download the emSigner utility by clicking on Install Now & Run it & the utility starts downloading.

2. Go to the downloaded file & right click on the file and Run it as adminstrator.The installation wizard begins and the welcome dialog is displayed. Click on the Next-button to continue.

3. The License Agreement dialog is displayed. Choose "I accept the agreement" and then click on the Next-button to continue installation.

4. Select a folder to install emSigner Utility. Click the Next-button to continue.

5. Click "install" to install the utility.

6. The setup is completed. Click the finish button.

7. The installation is finished and you are ready to start using emSigner Utility.

If Application is Not Running

If you’ve already installed the emSigner application and due to some reason if it’s stopped then no need to re-install again. Please start the service and you are ready. Follow below steps

To start emSigner application, just double click on emSigner icon or right click on emSigner icon -> Run as Administrator. You are done.

Click on digital signatures to sign successfully. 

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