How do I sign the documents offline?

Note:Before starting to upload documents for Offline signing you need a 'Document Template' with signer positions to initiate Ad-Hoc signing. For creating a new document template follow below mentioned steps.

Step1: Click on Initiate Ad-Hoc signing menu link and select Offline.

To create a new Document template click on +Create Template Now button & browse and upload a document from your computer. Before signing documents offline you need to mandatorily have a document template. 


Step2: You will be navigated to template settings page. Set signature page and signature position. Enter Document Template Name and click Save to save the template for future use.

Follow below steps to use a document template and sign documents(single/bulk) offline. 

Step1: Click on Initiate Ad-Hoc signing menu link and select Offline.

Step2: Click on Document Template drop-down and choose any document template from the list shown to you. Next click on Continue 

Step2: In the browse documents page, select the radio button for single document or bulk documents.

Step3For single document signing, click on Select file to  browse the source file. Click on select folder to browse the destination folder where the signed document will get stored. Now click on Continue

For Bulk signing: Click on select folder to browse source folder, click on select folder to browse destination folder where you want the signed documents to be stored.

In the sign page: Reason: Enter your reason for signing the documents offline (optional field)

Protect signed PDF with password? : Select this check box if you want your documents to be secured with a password of your wish. Enter your password in Document password text box.

Add Handwritten Signature Image: Click on browse to upload signature image.

Watermark: Watermarks are the text placed behind the text in your document. Enter watermark text in the space provided(optional field).

Click on Sign button & pick the certificate from the certificate store for successfully signing the documents offline. Click on Reset and the page gets refreshed.


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