How do I sign the documents as an Adhoc user?

When someone sends you a document for your signature, you first receive an email from emSigner sent on behalf of the sender.

Firstly review the emSigner email which you have received. Open the email and review the message from the sender. Click SIGN/DECLINE to begin the signing process.

Note: Your experience as an adhoc signer may also vary depending on how the sender wants you to sign, depending on the signature type enabled you can proceed further whether (dSign only, eSign only, eSignature only, dSign & eSign, dSign & eSignature). 

To sign the document using esign

Review the consent for esign disclosure, and select the checkbox I hereby provide by consent for esign. Enter your registered Aadhaar number and click GET OTP (you will receive OTP to your registered mobile number). Enter OTP in the text provided to begin the signing process. 

To sign the document using eSignature

Review Standard terms and conditions, and select the checkbox. Click on Browse & upload National ID to upload your relevant national ID (required only for one time). Click on eSignature to proceed further. In generate the signing image page choose the option to generate your signature. Adopt the signature do one of the following.

Upload: For uploading your own signature image click on Browse to upload signature image.

Select: Click select to choose from the default signature styles. You can enter your name in the full name text filed and to apply changes click on reset font selection.

Draw: Draw your signature/initials using a mouse.

For signing the document using dSign

Click on Digital signature button to sign the document using crypto tokens. (If the option is greyed out it means the utility is missing). To download the utility click on Install Now button to download the utility. 

Follow below mentioned steps for downloading and installing the emSigner utility

Step1. Download the emSigner utility by clicking on Install Now & Run it & the utility starts downloading.

Step2. Go to the downloaded file & right click on the file and Run it as adminstrator.The installation wizard begins and the welcome dialog is displayed. Click on the Next-button to continue.

Step3. The License Agreement dialog is displayed. Choose "I accept the agreement" and then click on the Next-button to continue installation.

Step4. Select a folder to install emSigner Utility. Click the Next-button to continue.

Step5. Click "install" to install the utility.

Step6. The setup is completed. Click the finish button.

Step7. The installation is finished and you are ready to start using emSigner Utility.

If Application is Not Running

If you’ve already installed the emSigner application and due to some reason if it’s stopped then no need to re-install again. Please start the service and you are ready. Follow below steps

To start emSigner application, just double click on emSigner icon or right click on emSigner icon -> Run as Administrator. You are done.

Choose any of the above mentioned signing options to sign and send the document.

To add supporting documents

Enter attachment description in the text box provided click on Attach document button   to upload files. You can view, downloaded and delete the uploaded supported document.

To share the documents

You can share the document to anyone who is not present in the workflow. Enter email address of the recipients with whom you are going to share the document with. Optionally you can also type email message to the recipient max characters is 125. Optionally, you can also share the attachments.


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