How do I sign the documents?

If you are an Ad-hoc user

Step 1: You will receive an e-mail from emsigner. This will be a system generated e-mail sent on behalf of the sender

Step 2: You will find an option to click SIGN/DECLINE to begin the signing process

Note: As an adhoc signer your experience may vary depending on the signature type enabled for you (dSign, eSignature, eSign or combinations - refer below to understand how to sign using these signature types).

Step 3: Click "Sign/Decline" button in e-mail. You will be navigated to the browser and you will see preview of the document. 

Step 4: Select "Signature Type" (dSign/ eSignature/ eSign) and click "Sign

Step 5: Once the signing process is completed, user will see a message like “The document has been signed successfully”

Step 6: You will receive a completion e-mail and you can download the document by clicking “Download Document

If you are an Admin User or Internal user

Step 1:  Login to using user name and password

Step 2: You will see dashboard in the landing page once you login successfully. You will find “Pending” tab. Click the same

Step 3: You will see two sub-tabs. a) My Signatures  b) Waiting for Others. Under My Signatures tab, you will see the document list that requires your signature

Step 4: Click “View Document” icon under actions column to view and sign the document

Step 5: Select the signing options (dSign/ eSignature/ eSign)  and click “Sign” button

Step 6: Once the signing process is completed by all parties, all signatories will receive completion email. You can download the document by clicking “Download Document” in the email body.


Document signing using dSign

  • Select “Digital signature” button to sign the document using crypto tokens and click “Sign” button
  • If emsigner utility is already present in your system, it will run in the background. You can see the same in the task bar of your system.
  • Note : For some reason, if emsigner utility is not running in the background, you can double click on emSigner icon or right click on emSigner icon à select “Run as Administrator”.
    • If emsigner utility is not available in you system, follow below steps to download,
    • To download the utility click “Install Now” button to download the utility(Follow below mentioned steps for downloading and installing the emSigner utility)
    • Go to the downloaded file & right click on the file and Run it as administrator. The installation wizard begins and the welcome dialog is displayed. Click “Next” button to continue.
    • License Agreement dialog will be displayed. Choose "I accept the agreement" and then click “Next” button to continue installation
    • Select a folder to install emSigner Utility. Click “Next” button to continue.
    • Click "install" to install the utility. Click “Finish” button to complete the installation process successfully.

Document signing using eSignature

  • Select “eSignature” option and click “Sign” button. You will be displayed with a popup with various signing options.
  • Signing options will be displayed in tabs and same are as mentioned below
    • Select: You will see pre-defined fonts with your name as signature. You can choose from the same (Or) you can also enter your name in the “Full name” text field and apply changes by clicking “Reset font selection” button.
    • Upload: For uploading your own signature image click on “Browse to upload” signature image
    • Draw: Draw your signature/initials using a mouse
    • eSignature Pad: If you have Topaz device, you can connect the device to your system and post your signature.

Document signing using esign:  (Aadhaar based signing)

  • Enter your registered Aadhaar number and click GET OTP (you will receive OTP to your registered mobile number)
  • Enter OTP in the text provided to begin the signing process. 


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