How do I Sign and Send Documents for Signing ?

You can sign and send documents for signature using emSigner.

First, log in to your account.

Step 1: Upload your document(s)

  • From your emSigner account, click on the Initiate Ad-Hoc signing drop down and then click on Online. To upload document(s) from your computer, click on +Upload Documents and locate the document you want to upload and click open.
  • (Optional) Enter Reference number in the text box provided. allows you to search documents using this reference number, Click continue to proceed further.

Step 2: Specify Signers (Specify using existing signers)

  • To add signers click on +Add Signatory. Configure the signatory for each signatory added by setting up signature page & signature position, click on Apply to save the settings.
  • Repeat the same if there are more number of signatories. 
  • Enter the template name in the space provided and click on Save and Continue to proceed further.
  • (Optionally) you can set password, apply watermark & also browse your company stamp.

Step 3: Select Signature option to sign & send the document

To adopt the signing image do one of the following

  • Upload: Click on Upload to browse your signature image. 
  • Select: Click on select to choose from the default signature styles. Enter the name in the full name text field. To apply changes click on reset font selection.
  • Draw: Click on draw for drawing your signature/initials using a mouse. 
  • For signing and sending the document adopt any one the options to generate your signing image & signature types.
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