How do I Schedule a Report?

To set up a report schedule, follow the below mentioned steps:

First, log into your emSigner account if you have not already done so

  1. Click on Aging Report from the Report's drop-down menu on the Dashboard
  2. Once you're on the Aging Report page, click on Schedule a report
  3. In the Create and Schedule Report page, enter a description for the report. This is optional
  4. Set the frequency for emailing the report by clicking on the radio icon
  5. Select the check box Send to Me, to email the report to yourself
  6. To email the report to other users, select the check box Also send report to below emails and enter the email addresses of the users who will be receiving the report.
  7. Select the report format by clicking on the radio icon. Once your done with all the settings, click on Submit 
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