How do I Manage Users?

Note: This option is available only to the admin.

You can manage users by following the below steps:

1. Go to and login with your credentials

2. Click the user icon on the right corner and select Go to Admin

3. You are taken to the Admin control page. Now click on Manage users

4. You are then sent to the Manage user’s page

To create a new user and to provide access rights to the user, follow the below steps:

1. Click on Create New 

2. You are sent to the Create User page

3. Enter all required details and click save

    You are done! New user is successfully created. Click on OK

4. You are then taken to the Assign workflow page

5. Search the workflow by entering text in the search box and select the workflows that should be made accessible to the user

6. Now click on Save. This successfully provides access rights to the user

Click on OK. This successfully completes your task

To edit a user:

1. Click the Edit icon in Manage users page. This will open the Update user page

2. Update the required details and click on Save

3. This successfully updates user details

To delete a user:

1. Click the Delete icon in Manage user’s page. This will open a confirmation popup window.

2. Click on OK to confirm the deletion. This successfully completes your task

Note: If a user is mapped to workflows, you cannot delete the user. In such cases you will need to wait till the workflows assigned to him are completed.

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