How do I Install Java for MAC?

The following Instructions will apply to:

·         Platform(s): Mac OS X, macOS

·         Java version(s): 8.0

Mac System Requirements for Oracle Java 7 and later versions

Administrator privileges

  • A 64-bit browser (e.g., Safari)
  • 32-bit browsers do not support Java 7 and later versions on the Mac platform

The screen shots and instructions below are for Java 8 Update 65 (8u65). If you are installing another version, make sure you change the version number accordingly. 

Example: The file to download for Java 8 Update 65 (8u65) is jre-8u65-macosx-x64.pkg. 

Notifications about disabled Java and restoring prompts

The installer will notify you in case Java content is disabled in the web browsers, and will provide instructions for enabling it. If you previously chose to hide some of the security prompts for applets and Java Web Start applications, the installer will provide an option for restoring the prompts. You may have to reboot your computer if you choose not to restart your internet browser when it prompts you to do so.

Install Java on Mac

1.        Download the jre-8u65-macosx-x64.pkg file. 
           Review and agree to the terms of the license agreement before downloading the file

2.        Double-click the .pkg file to launch it

3.        Double-click on the package icon to launch the Install Wizard

4.        The Install Wizard displays the Welcome to Java installation screen. Click Next

5.        Oracle has partnered with companies that offer various products. The installer may present you with the option to install these programs when you install Java. After ensuring the desired programs are selected, click the Next button to continue the installation. 

Example of Yahoo offer dialog

6.   After the installation is completed, a confirmation screen appears. Click Close to finish the installation process. 


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