How do I Install emSigner Utility in MAC?

The emSigner application can help you digitally sign documents (Token based signing). If you do not have the emSigner application, you can download the same by clicking the “Install Now” button.

You are requested to download and install the emSigner application to digitally sign documents. 

To set up installation of the emSigner application, follow the below steps:

Step1: Click on the Install now button. A pop up window will appear where you will have to click on the Download Application button.

Step 2: Click on the Show All button and select the downloaded file or just double click on the “” file.

Step 3: Click on Show in Finder, which will then open the file location. 

Step 4: Right click on the file and select open.

This generates a setup file. Once setup is complete, you can find the emSigner folder on the desktop.

If Java is not installed click here

If Java is installed and does not have the permission to run emSigner, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Enter java –jar file location. For example: java –jar /desktop/emsigner_WS_OMM.jar
  3. Then proceed with step 6

If Java is installed and permission exists:

Step 5: Double click the emSigner folder on the desktop

Step 6: Again double click on the folder that displays a jar file. This completes the installation.

Step 7: Now you can see the emSigner icon on the top. Refer to the screenshot below.

Step 8: Right click on the icon and select Open. This successfully opens the emSigner utility. You can now check updates, logs and also change the port.

To check emSigner updates:

Click on the Update tab and you can update the utility by clicking on the update button.

To change the port click here

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