How do I Decline Document Signing?

1. Once Signatories are assigned to sign the document, a mail will be sent to the recipients. 

2. The mail you receive to sign the document will be sent from 

3. The mail will have all the details about the document such as the Document Name, Sent By, and Sent On

4. Signatories will have an option to Sign or Decline the document

5. There is a button “SIGN / DECLINE” in the email, once it is clicked on, it will redirect you to the emSiger page, where signatories can view the document and decide whether to Sign or Decline

6. If signatories decided to decline from signing the document due to any reason and click on “Decline”, a pop up box will open up to capture the reason for declining the document

7. Once the document is declined, a message will be displayed “The document has been declined successfully” and an email will be triggered for both the signatory and the user who initiated the workflow. The email will also state the reason for decline.

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