How do I Create a Workflow Template?

Looking for a way to save even more time using emSigner? Try creating a workflow.

Workflows are perfect for activities that are recurring. You add PDF’s and select the number of signatories for the uploaded document(s). You also add (define) the signature placeholder roles to your signers list. When you later start using your workflow, you can fill in the actual person's information for that role.

You can always edit the workflow later. 

To create a reusable workflow, go to emSigner Admin. Select the Go to Admin link in the account settings drop-down menu.

Click on Manage Workflows from the admin panel page

1. From the manage workflows page, click Create New Workflow


Enter your workflow name and click save

Optionally you can also create a sub-activity for the workflow created by clicking on Create Activity button.  To rename the workflow/activity click on the Rename option. To remove, click on the remove option. 

2. Click on the workflow name and then click Workflow Creation to proceed further

3. To upload one or more document(s) to the workflow from your local machine, click on +Upload Documents


4. To locate signature place holders, click on +Add Signatory and set signature page and signature position. Click on apply to save changes                             


5. Next, click on Activate Workflow to save the workflow

6. Once the workflow is created, you can tag the workflow to any department

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