How do I create an adhoc signer?

Note: Only Admin and Internal users will have the privilege to create Adhoc users. 

        Method 1: Create an adhoc signer using Settings menu

Step 1:  Login to using your User Name and Password

Step 2: On top right corner, your profile image will be present.  On clicking the same, “Settings” menu will be displayed

Step 3: Click “Settings” menu. You will find “Manage Adhoc Users” option

Step 4: Click “Manage Adhoc Users” option. You will be navigated to Manage Adhoc User page.  You will find “Create New” button

Step 5: Click “Create New” button and enter relevant details in the respective fields. Fields that are marked * are mandatorily to be filled by the user

Step 6: Once the necessary details are inputted, click “Save” button to create a new adhoc signer

Method 2: Create an adhoc signer on the fly

There are 3 steps which an Admin or Internal user who has access to emsigner website will follow to set up the signatory process. The signatory process can be with or without workflow.

Step 1: Upload documents

Step 2: Specify Participants

Step 3: Sign & Send

              In Step 2, there will be an ADD option for the admin or internal users to create the adhoc signatories on the fly.


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