How do I Create an Adhoc Signer?

Note: This option is available to both Admin and User.

Unlike other Signers, an Adhoc Signer doesn’t need to have an emSigner account and can access the document through a link provided. An Adhoc Signer can be a client who has an email ID to access the document and can either sign/decline the document. Once the Adhoc Signer signs or declines, the link is made unaccessible.

To create an Adhoc Signer:

1. Go to and login with your credentials

2. In the dashboard on the left navigator, click on the required workflow. This will open a three step process of the workflow

Step 1: Upload your Document(s):

3. Click on Choose File and locate the document you want to upload and click Open. Repeat this for all document templates

4. (Optional) Enter Reference number in the text box provided. emSigner allows you to search documents using this reference number. Click Continue to proceed further.

Step 2: Specify Signers:

5. Click on Signatory1 which displays all the signatories created before

6. Click the Plus sign which will open up the Add New Signer screen.

7. Enter the Name, Email ID and click Submit

8. Now you are taken to back to the Configure Signatory screen where you can see that the Adhoc Signer is created and displayed in the list of Signers.

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