How do I Activate a Workflow?

Step 1 : Once you login to your emSiger account, on the top right corner under user settings, select "Go to Admin".

Step 2 : In the Admin Panel select Manage workflows and click on "Create New Workflow" and Continue

Step 3 : A Prompt box will open, wherein you need to Name the Workflow

Step 4 : A pop message will be displayed, stating "Workflow successfully created"

Step 5 : The newly created Workflow will be displayed under "Manage Workflows" tab

Step 6 : Select the Workflow and click on "Create Activity". For every Workflow, an Activity needs to be created. Once Workflow and Activity are both created, select the newly created workflow and click on continue. 

 Step 7 : Upload document templates : Select one or more files from your system to upload, click on "+Upload Documents"

Step 8 : Once files are uploaded click on Continue

Step 9 : Document Details: By default Signatory 1 will be added to the document, wherein you can change the position of the signatory. Atleast one signatory is required to create a document template.

Step 10 : To add more signatories to the document template, click on "+Add Signatories" and select the signatory position. Once Signatories are fixed, click on "Activate Workflow"

Step 11 : A popup box will open, prompting you to select departments for the workflow

Step 12 : Select the departments and click on Save

A message will be displayed stating that the Document workflow has been successfully created and activated


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