How to do Form16 signing?

To perform form 16 signing follow below mentioned steps:

1. From the Dashboard; click on Initiate Ad-Hoc Signing menu link and select Form 16.

2. From the Choose template page either choose a Document template upon clicking on  Select Document Template drop-down or if there is no Document template then create a new one upon clicking on +Create New Template. 

3. In the browse documents page, click on Select Folder & browse Part A folder from your computer. Similarly, browse Part B folder also browse Destination folder where the signed and merged documents from part A and Part B will be saved. 

Note: Please check whether the document(s) uploaded allows digital signature and also they should not be password protected and they should not be editable PDF.

4. Click on Select CSV File and browse the CSV file from your computer.

Note: Download CSV for email, password protection and document merge settings. Upload the downloaded CSV once you've configured the settings. In the CSV password and email are optional. email is required only when you are selecting emailing options. Sourec A & Source B column of csv file should have file names of Part A and Part B folder which hav been uploaded. 

Click Continue to proceed further.

5. In the Document settings page, to upload your Handwritten Signature Image (optional) click on Browse. Enter your reason for Form16 signing in the Reason text box
(Optional). Similarly enter your location of signing in the location text box (Optional). Signature image, reason and location will be displayed along with the DSC. 

Email Options (Optional)

To send signed form 16's to respective employees select the check box 'I want to send signed form 16's to respective employees'. 

emSigner SMTP: If you wish to send digitally signed document(s) as an attachment to specified email ID's using emSigner's mail server(SMTP) settings follow below steps

1. Select the radio button emSigner SMTP.

2. Enter the from email address in the space provided (mail will be sent to the recipient's email address which are present in the CSV file).

3. Enter the subject of the email in the Subject text box.

4. Enter the message in the Message text box & Click Process

Choose your certificate from which you want to sign the documents & click on Merge & Sign button.  

Other SMTP: To send digitally signed document(s) as an attachment to specified email ID's using mail server (SMTP) settings of my choice follow below mentioned steps.

1. Enter the email subject in the space provided.

2. Enter the message in the message box.

3. Click on Process to continue. 

Click on SMTP server settings link from the certificate store. 

For SMTP server settings follow below steps:

1SMTP Host: Enter your/company SMTP host address. 

2. SMTP Username : SMTP Username will be the email ID which must be registered with the SMTP Host address given before.

3. SMTP Password:  SMTP password should be the password of the email ID which is given as SMTP user name.

4. Sender mail ID: Enter the mail address from which the mail will be sent to the respective email address present in the CSV file. Click Save button and the settings will get saved.

5. Select the certificate from which you want to sign the documents then click on Merge and Sign

The signed folder will be saved in the Destination which you have browsed as destination folder.

Note: If PDF's uploaded have more than 100 pages or if there are more number of PDF's to merge and sign, it takes some time please be patient.

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