Do I have an option to check my transaction logs?

Step 1: Login to using your Admin User Name and Password

Step 2: On top right corner, your profile image will be present.  On clicking the same, “Settings” menu will be displayed

Step 3: Click “Settings” menu. You will find “Transaction Log” option under “Gateway Settings”

Step 4: Click “Transaction Log” option. You will be able to see a list page with each transaction in detail. Following are the columns you will see in the list page.

  • Date & Time: Date and time of the particular transaction.
  • Authtoken: Authtoken used for the particular transaction.
  • Status: Status of particular transaction like (completed, initiated, canceled and failed)
  • Signature Type: Signature type can be dSign/ eSignature/ eSign
  • Error Description: Error description will be only for failed and canceled transactions, there will not be any description for a completed transaction
  • IP Address: IP Address used for the particular transaction
  • Actions: Actions consists of transaction log details like (User, status, and remarks)
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