The first screen that appears after a successful login is the Dashboard. The dashboard is the hub for all your emSigner activities. Organized to keep you on track with your documents, the dashboard provides six visual tiles that summarize your workflow status.

Pending: Consist of documents that you need to sign and are yet to be signed by others. They are divided into two tabs, My Signatures and Waiting for Others

My Signatures: Consist of documents that are pending for signature. This is different for different users

Waiting for Others: Consist of documents that have at least one recipient who has yet to complete their action

Draft: Consist of workflows that have been started but are not yet completed and are automatically saved here

Completed: Consist of documents that are completed once all the recipients have completed their actions

Declined: Consist of documents that have been declined by a signer

Recalled: Consist of documents that have been cancelled by the sender. Recipients can no longer view or sign the document

To download all records from the various tabs listed, click on Export to Excel 

Searching for Dashboard reports is easy by simply using the search option at the bottom of each tab. Here you can search for specific documents by using criteria such as Date & Time, Document no, Reference no, Name , Category, Owner name and status. 

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