How do I Create an Activity or Sub-Activity to the Parent Workflow?

Note: Only Admin users have the privilege to create activity or sub-activity to the workflow

Step 1: Login to using your Admin User Name and Password

Step 2: On the top right corner, click on your profile image will be present.  On clicking the same, and then click on ‘Settings‘ menu

Step 3: Go to ‘Admin Settings‘ and click on ‘Manage Workflow” option

Create Activity

Step 4: You will find a list of previously created workflows. Select a workflow for which an activity needs to be created.

Step 5: Click on ‘Create Activity‘ button on the bottom left of your workflow space to create a new node under the workflow

Upon clicking ‘Create Activity‘ button, the workflow will be successfully created.

Step 6: Rename /Remove Activity

  • You can edit the activity name by first selecting the activity and the clicking on the ‘Rename‘ button
  • You can also remove the activity by clicking the ‘Remove‘ button

Create Sub-Activity

Step 7: You will find previously created Activities. Select the Activity for which the sub-activity needs to be created

Step 8: You will be able to see ‘Create Activity‘ button on bottom left of your workflow space. Upon clicking the same, a new node will be created under the activity.

  • You can edit the sub-activity name by selecting the sub-activity and click “Rename” button
  • You can also remove the sub-activity by selecting the sub-activity and click “Remove” button

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