About emSigner

emSigner is a secure cloud (SaaS) based automated workflow-cum-signing solution which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and it allows you to define your own workflow and as part of that workflow sign legally binding documents online, without pen, paper or fax. In a way that is faster and more secure than executing paper documents.

It’s an electronic signature solution for online document signing, document management and workflow based online portal. Solution is devised to suit the needs of Individual’s, SME’s and Large enterprises for their day to day various kinds of document signing and workflow needs. This a paperless office solution which aims at replacing the herculean manual efforts, time and cost involved in paper based signing and workflow approval process to an automated, efficient, time and cost saving workflow based online document signing solution. emSigner can be used either as a standalone system which can be accessed through web browser over any network or only through intranet network or integrate with your companies ERP, CRM, Business Applications or Business Process to electronically sign & dispatch the documents without any manual intervention.

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